Creative director at Okanagan Media Group since 2015.


Okanagan Media Group is a digital marketing agency from Kelowna B.C., Canada. We are an experienced team of passionate and value-driven professionals ready to take your business to the next level. We are on a mission and our mission is client success!


We can take care of your brand from start to finish: graphic design, branding, website design, print materials, SEO, SMM, web hosting and so much more!


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 "Darko has become an absolutely essential part of my team. He is talented, responsive and reliable. I give him 100% and recommend him to anyone needing freelance graphic design work done"


 -  Samantha Milligan, Okanagan Media Group

Ever Better

logo design, ad, e-book cover, business cards, motivational images, website concept, 2015., website redesign and development in 2016.


Five Sources for Personal Growth, Happiness and Confidence, by Lisa Conners Vogt,


"I love my design and website and had a great experience working with Darko! He created several logo designs that would have worked for my company and the one I chose was perfect for my vision. Once I settled on a concept, he created many variations of the image and font so that I could see alternatives. He went above and beyond in designing the logo and website pages. I look forward to working with him as my company grows Ever Better!"


Logo redesign in 2016. w/ stationery branding

CareerShft logo 2015.



For Belinda Yan, 


I originally started working with Darko via a logo contest.  He was incredibly professional, super patient and very creative.  I went back to him with another project a year later and he quickly came up with several great designs and iterated many times until I was happy.  I also appreciated his willingness to offer up his opinions which I found helpful.  It’s amazing that the process can be so seamless considering Darko is working from a different country but he makes it work without a hitch!


Logo design/re-design, 2015.

for  Southtown Public Safety


"Darko has been incredibly helpful in the design process. From start to finish, he provided us with creative and professional design options that fit our organization’s vision. Thanks again, Darko. Your work has allowed us to better resonate with the population we serve."


Chris Parise

HUDSON WAY Capital Management

Logo Design, 2015.


The project goal was to create a unique symbol for the business. H and W are combined to make a unique icon, also a new letter in the alphabet :)

Moyo Being & Doing, logo design, 2015.


A worldwide community for personal growth and the support of important global issues



"d.kriznik was the winner of our contest to create a logo for a new online community called Moyo. We really enjoyed working with him on the project and would recommend him for future projects inside our organization and for others. Thank you, d.kriznik."


Beth A. Richardson


Logo design, 2016.


The challenge was to create a letter type logo with the initials but also a simple shape, an icon for this business. L and the inverted C are combined into a simple shape.

Folded Corner

Blog illustration, 2015.


I requested a design from Darko and was so astonished by the quality, design, and overall experience I had. Darko made sure to keep in contact with me with any ideas, suggestions, and etc. He really worked hard to make sure I got exactly what I was wanting. He didn't even complain when I made him change a few colors because I can be a bit picky. Not only was the design all around great but the customer service is what I loved the most. He is a wonderful man who really has an amazing talent that he is happy to share with others. I wasted no time in referring him to other blogs that I knew were wanting designs and I couldn't have been happier to see their new designs pop up within weeks thanks to Darko. If you want quality design and an amazing customer service experience than Darko is the guy to go to. I look for to bothering him with more orders in the future.


-Lizz, Folded Corner Blog.

Muddy Stilettos

Logo design, 2016.


The challenge was to create a unique logo for this brand, using a silhouette of a stiletto. I combined the initials with the stiletto to create a custom unique icon. May someday become a real shoe! :)


Logo design, 2016.


I came up with an icon for a start-up that helps bands do business, hence the tie on the guitar :)