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Hi! My name is Darko, I'm 41, based in Europe. 


I'm a graphic designer with a strong background in printing/sign making industry. I have 15 years of experience in print design, and I specialize in logo design and branding.


I started freelancing on the side in 2013. and as of 2017. I am full time self-employed and a registered Sole Proprietor.


I am also Creative Director at Okanagan Media Group, Canada. Visit www.okanaganmediagroup.com to find out more.


My design style is clean, simple, responsive and most of all - functional. I believe in ideas and stories behind the designs. I believe in hard work, good communication and collaboration and constant improvement. My superpowers include brainstorming, problem-solving and mind-reading (on occasions) and I love to meet new people and discuss ideas and concepts. My work process is client-centered and involves lots of questions and back-and-forth communication.


I specialize in logo design and branding and can produce a wide range of designs for your brand including business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, t-shirts, web graphics, billboards, large format prints, vehicle decals, window and wall decorations, promo videos and motion graphics.


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